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Amazon is taking its palm-scanning tech from grocery stores to offices, aiming to replace old security methods like key cards and passwords. Instead, they want employees to enter offices or access data with a simple swipe of their hand.

Amazon One is at the center of this. It’s a speedy, hands-free system designed to let people leave their wallets and phones behind. Originally for payments, now it’s expanded to daily tasks like store payments, loyalty card use, age verification, or venue entry.

This system involves a small scanner that uses infrared light to recognize the unique lines, grooves, and ridges on your palm, as well as the network of veins underneath. This data creates a unique palm signature, linked to your credit card or Amazon account.

For businesses, there’s Amazon One Enterprise. IHG Hotels and Resorts, Boon Edam, and Kone have shown interest. It’s in preview in the US for organizations, and the pricing details are still under wraps.

Despite concerns, Amazon assures privacy. The system operates beyond normal light, making it unable to perceive gender or skin tone accurately. Importantly, it uses palm data only to match a unique identity with a payment method, not to identify a person.

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